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Some important uses of carbohydrates are discussed below:

1.      Glucose is widely used in food industry in production of fruit drinks and sweets. .

2.      Glucose is soluble in water and is absorbed rapidly into the blood stream. Therefore, it is useful for sick people and sportsmen who need instant energy.

3.      Fructose is the sweetest sugar. It is used as a sweetening agent.

4.      Sucrose is commonly used as table sugar. It is also used as sweetening agent.

5.      Sucrose is used to prepare glucose and fructose by hydrolysis. Sucrose is also used in the manufacture of ethanol by fermentation.

6.      Starch can be used for the production of ethanol by hydrolysis and fermentation. It is extensively used in food.

7.      Starch is used for stiffening cloth after laundering. Its suspension in water is used as an adhesive.

8.     Cellulose is used for the production of paper.