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Common Hazard Symbols and their Meaning


Hazard means risk of exposure to some danger. In laboratory a person may come across many hazardous chemicals. Hslzardous chemicals or equipment are labeled with hazard symbols. Be aware of these symbols and follow the precautions that you must take while dealing with such substance. Some common hazard symbols are given below:

This type of symbol is present on containers containing flammable chemicals. For example, benzene, ether, petrol, etc. Such chemicals should be kept away from open flames because they would catch fire if brought near a flame.

This  type of symbol is present on containers containing explosives. For example, sulphur, phosphorus, etc. Such containers should not be subjected to any pressure or heat.

This symbol is present on containers containing corrosive chemicals. Precautions should be taken while handling such chemicals. Such chemicals should not be brought in contact with skin or clothes.

This type of symbol indicates danger. It is present on bottles containing poisonous or toxic chemicals.

Some more hazard symbols are: