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Experimental Measurement of pH of a Given Solution

The practical measurement of pH of a solution can be done by the use of universal indicator, solution or pH paper, or a pH meter.


Using indicator solution:

1. Take about 5 cm3 of the given solution in a test tube.

2. Add two or three drops of the universal indicator to the solution. Shake well for the colour to become uniform.

3. Match the colour of the solution with the standard colour chart provided on the universal indicator bottle. The pH of the given solution is the pH of the colour with which it matches best.


Using pH or universal indicator paper:

1. Dip the strip of pH paper into the given solution or add few drops of the given solution to the pH paper. Observe the colour on the pH paper.

2. Compare the shade of the colour formed with the various colours given on the standard chart.


Using pH meter:

When using the pH meter, dip the electrode into the given solution. The pH is registered on the scale.