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Identification of Cations and Anions in Solution

In section 28.6 we have studied the precipitation reactions of some cations and anions. The knowledge of these precipitation reactions can be utilised to identify the unknown ions in the aqueous solution of their salts. The common chemical reagents used are dil. HCl, NaOH (aq), NH4OH (aq) or NH4OH (aq) BaCl2 (aq) and AgNO3 (aq). For identification of ions in solution, the unknown solution is treated with these precipitating reagents. The precipitate formed or any gas evolved is observed and proper inference or conclusion can be drawn. This identification of the ions in solution forms a part of Qualitative analysis. The identification procedure in -the form of tests is given as follows in tabular form.



Identification of Cations


Identification of Anions