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Personal Protective Equipment


Some equipment used for personal protection are given here under:

1.      Safety glasses, eye shields or chemical goggles are used to protect eyes from coming in contact with chemicals while working in a chemistry laboratory.

2.      Safety showers and eye wash stations are located in chemical laboratories for first aid treatment of chemical bums and chemical splashes in the eyes. When the ring hanging from a safety shower is pulled, water is discharged rapidly.

3.      Corrosive resistant gloves such as latex gloves are used while handling corrosive chemicals such as concentrated acids and concentrated alkalies.

4.      Apron or lab coat protects the clothes and body parts from chemicals while working in laboratory.

5.      Fume cupboard should be used to carry out reactions involving toxic fumes of vapours. Gas masks are also used while dealing with toxic gases.

6.      Face shield. While carrying out reactions where an explosion may occur face shield should be used to protect the face from chemicals and glass pieces.