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Preparation of Alkynes


1. By the Action of Calcium Carbide and Water

Some of the important methods of preparation of alkynes are:

Ethyne is prepared on large scale by the reaction of water on calcium carbide.

Calcium carbide is prepared by heating quicklime with coke

Ethyne can also be prepared on Industrial scale by pyrolysis of methane at very high temperature of about 1800 K.

2. Dehydrohalogenation of Dibalides

Alkynes are prepared by dehydrohalogenation of vicinal dihalides, usually bromides, using alcoholic solution of potassium hydroxide.

3. Formation of Higher Alkynes from Acetylene

Higher alkynes may be prepared by the action of alkyl halides on sodium ethynide. Sodium ethynide can be obtained from acetylene by the action of sodium or sodamide.