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Putting Off Fires


Small fires in the laboratory may be extinguished using the fire extinguisher provided in the laboratory. For this purpose learn how to use the fire extinguisher.

Afire blanket can also be used to smother small fires on bench or other flat surface. In order to extinguish the fire, the fire is covered with fire blanket. The fire gets extinguished due to lack of air.

Dry sand can also be used to put out small fires. For this purpose buckets of dry sand may be provided in the laboratory.


Discussion Questions

1. Draw four hazard symbols and explain what they mean.

2. List any four personal protective equipment. Explain how each of there protects you from accidents.

3. What are the basic rules for safe storage of chemicals? Explain why chemicals should not be stored simply in alphabetical order.

5. Name two devices which can be used to extinguish small fires in laboratory.

6. What precautions should be taken while handling chemicals in the laboratory?