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Uses of Alkenes

1. Ethene is used in the manufacture of polyethylene or polythene-a plastic material. Similarly, propene is used in the manufacture of polypropene. These polymers are used in making plastic bags, pipes electrical insulation, etc.

2. Ethene is used in the preparation of solvents like ethylene glycol, dioxane, etc. Ethylene glycol is also used as an antifreeze in automobile radiators.

3. Ethene is a plant hormone which controls growth, seed germination and fruit development. Therefore, ethene is used for artificial ripening of fruits, flower maturation, etc.

4. Alkenes are used as a starting material for the manufacture of many compounds such as alkyl halides, ethylene oxide, ethanol and other alkanols, etc.

5. 1, 3-Butadiene is used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber.